Specialty Items

**As of January 12, 2021, only the following specialty items are available through curbside pickup.**

Chromebooks HotSpots Kindles
Roku Assistive Devices
Specialty items are collection of non-traditional library items.

The purpose of these items is to provide diverse opportunities for learning and engagement.

Specialty items must be checked out and returned to the Billerica Public Library.

Further information about this collection can be found on our policy page.

Bee-Bot Kit

3 Week Loan/No Renewal

Binge Boxes

3 Week Loan/No Renewal


Cake Pans

1 Week Loan/No Renewal

  • Mickey

Cookie Cutters

1 Week Loan/No Renewal

  • Baby Cookie Cutters



Crochet Kit

3 Week Loan/No Renewal


           Giant Jenga Kit

    1 Week Loan/No Renewal

               Halo Bolt Kit

     1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Have no worries on your next road trip or during the next snowstorm!

-Jump start your vehicle

-Power your electronic devices

-Light the way with an LED floodlight

          Hand Lettering Kit

     1 Week Loan/No Renewal

           Happy Light Kit

   1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Get a dose of sunlight to improve your mood, focus, sleep, and energy levels!

        Hawaii Experience Bag

      1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Kit Includes:

   Fodor’s Big Island of Hawaii

   Fodor’s Essential Hawaii

   Soul Surfer DVD

   Over Hawaii Blu-Ray/DVD

   IZ The Best of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole CD

   Virtual Reality Glasses

   Verilux Happy Light


HP Laptop

1 Week Loan/No Renewal

          Instant Camera Kit

    1 Week Loan/No Renewal

                      iPad Kit

     1 Week Loan/No Renewal

         Karaoke Kit

     1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Kill A Watt Device

3 Week Loan/No Renewal

Calculate how much electricity your appliances are using and help lower your utility bills!

Kindle Readers

3 Week Loan/Renewable

Kindle readers pre-loaded with popular, and summer reading titles for borrowing. 

List of pre-loaded titles:




Knitting Kit

3 Week Loan/No Renewal


              Measure It Up Kit

       1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Mobile Hotspot

1 Week Loan/No Renewal*

Wireless free internet on the go!

*This policy covers most of the library’s circulating HotSpots, but there is a HotSpot device that is bookable through the library’s Reference Desk.

  • The reference HotSpot can be booked for up to 10 days.
  • Patrons are allowed two reference HotSpot reservations per calendar year.
  • The reference HotSpot must be picked up and returned to the reference desk.
  • All other HotSpot policies apply.

    Click on a Mobility/Assistive device

to place one on hold.

Mobility Aids/Assistive Devices

3 Week Loan/Renewable

Borrow a wheelchair, walker, cane, or set of crutches for free just like you would borrow a book.  The library can even deliver the device to your home if you can’t get to the library.

To learn more, visit our Accessibility page.


Projector Kit

1 Week Loan/No Renewal


Projector Screen

1 Week Loan/No Renewal


Roku 3 Streaming Player

1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Enjoy access to Netflix, and tons of digital movies from our Vudu account for FREE!!


      Round Knitting Loom Kit

     3 Week Loan/No Renewal



                 Scanner Kit

     1 Week Loan/No Renewal

         Sewing Machine Kit

     3 Week Loan/No Renewal

Kit Includes:

Singer start 1304 sewing machine, Carrying case,

First time sewing book, Assorted accessories.

Helpful Instructional Videos:

-Singer Start 1304 Introduction to your machine.

-Threading your machine.

-Selecting a Stitch.




Orion StarBlast 4.5″ Telescope

1 Week Loan/No Renewal

        Enjoy watching Jupiter’s moon’s or get up  close and personal with our Moon!


        Thermal Laminator Kit

      1 Week Loan/No Renewal

       Thermal Leak Detector

     1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Make your home more comfortable

and energy efficient by discovering

hot and cold drafts around the house.


1 Week Loan/No Renewal

Toolbox Includes:

  • 1 hammer
  • 4 sets of pliers
  • 6 screwdrivers
  • 1 16-piece socket wrench set
  • 2 10-piece sets  of Allen wrenches
  • 1 level
  • 1 tape measure

Ukulele Kit

3 Week Loan/No Renewal

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