Building Bridges: Connecting Communities

Join us throughout 2019 for programs and activities to foster civility, encourage communication, and strengthen our community.


Why Civility?

National incivility and hate crimes have grown at an alarming rate in recent years.  A 2017 study titled Civility in America VII revealed:

    • Roughly 84% of Americans have personally experience incivility.
    • 75% of Americans believe incivility has risen to crisis levels.


What is Civility?

Civility is about more than politeness (although that is a necessary first step); it is disagreeing without disrespect, and finding common ground.  Civility is the ability to engage in dialogue about (and despite) differences, and the ability to listen past our preconceptions.


Billerica is a Diverse Community

According to 2017 US Census data:

    • Our residents come from wide-ranging origins: 11% were born in another country
    • Our neighborhoods are made up of persons with varied racial identities, including: White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino
    • 13.5% of residents speak a language other than English at home
    • We span the age groups:
        • almost 25% are under 18
        • 15% are over 65
    • We have differing opinions.  In the 2016 elections:
        • 47.8% voted for Trump
        • 46.5% voted for Clinton
        • 5.7% voted for Stein or Johnson

These differences make our town a beautiful place to live.  Help us celebrate our diversity, and find our commonalities, to strengthen this fantastic community. 

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