Displays, Exhibits & Bulletin Board Policy

The Board of Library Trustees may allow use of the Library’s exhibit space by individuals, artists, and groups for such civic, educational, philanthropic and recreational purposes its deems in the interest of the community. Exhibit space will be granted, as space allows, on an equitable basis to qualified individuals or groups, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations, provided the content of the display is within the broad standards of community acceptability.

The Library endeavors to present a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints, as it relates to displays and exhibits. As is the case with book selection, the Library will exercise judgment as to current usefulness or interest, authority and competence of presentation, importance as a record of the times, relevance to the collection and standards of quality in content and format. All sides of an issue deserve equal representation over time. In presenting displays and exhibits, the Library does not imply endorsement of the beliefs or viewpoints of their subject matter.

General Guidelines

  1. Use of exhibit spaces for Library purposes takes precedence over other uses.
  2. Exhibit space may not be used for solicitation, direct sales, or on-site fundraising.
  3. Religious proselytizing and partisan political recruitment are prohibited; educational exhibits on these subjects are allowed.
  4. No display materials will be offered for sale through the Library.
  5. Permanent exhibits will not normally be accepted, although the Library itself may solicit exceptional materials if available without conditions.
  6. The Library will not charge for the use of exhibit space.
  7. Press releases or other promotion of the exhibit by the library shall not imply endorsement of the viewpoints put forth in the exhibit. Publicity written by the artist or exhibitor must be or approved by the Library.
  8. Displays will be for a prescribed time with the owner responsible for installation and removal. The Library will not provide storage prior to its installation or subsequent to its removal.
  9. The Library does not provide insurance coverage for artwork or other exhibit items. Exhibitors are responsible for providing coverage for items exhibited or they exhibit at their own risk. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, the Town of Billerica, the Library, its employees, and the Board of Trustees against any theft, damage, or liability as a result of the use of the exhibit space.
  10. The Library reserves the right to determine which area in the Library will be used for any display.

The Library reserves the right to refuse or remove any material judged unsuitable or to rescind an exhibit for violation of this policy. Acceptability of an exhibit is at the discretion of the Library Director, whose decisions may be appealed to the Board of Library Trustees

Art Exhibit Guidelines

  1. The Billerica Public Library welcomes the opportunity to allow individual artists, the use of exhibit space in the library.
  2. All artwork must be original.
  3. Exhibitors should be aware that the library is a public space where all people are welcome. Exhibits should be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  4. Priority will be given to Billerica residents, and subject to such individual criteria as the Director shall promulgate.
  5. In accordance with existing library policy, no admission charge or request for donations will be permitted.
  6. The library does not act as a sales agent for the community or artist, and will not engage in selling or negotiating for the sale of artwork. It will, however, allow pamphlets, price lists, and/or a citation in the exhibit giving the name, address and or/ phone number of a contact person, should a viewer wish to inquire about a purchase.
  7. The library gallery space is mostly suitable for displaying two-dimensional art. Three dimensional works such as sculpture or jewelry will need to be reviewed on an individual basis for suitability to the space.
  8. The application process, logistics, and rules related to exhibits, sale of artwork, and artists’ receptions are explained in detail on the Art Exhibit Procedures page.  For the application form, click here.

Booking Procedures

Exhibit space may be booked through the Exhibit Coordinator on a first come, first served basis. Exhibits may be booked up to one year in advance. The duration of most exhibits will be a month; however, the Library reserves the right to deviate from the one month rule when deemed appropriate.

Community Bulletin Board

This policy was changed to its own policy in March 2021. You can view the policy here.

Revised and adopted by vote of the Board of Library Trustees June 2016

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