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Get an E-Card

About E-Cards

An e-card, which replaces the remote library card option, is a card you can get 24/7 provided you are a Massachusetts resident. Once you complete the application, you will get an email with your e-card barcode and PIN (by default, your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number).

Depending on your residency, your e-card will grant access to Libby and possibly any e-resources your home library offers. E-cards can be used to borrow physical items.

Getting an E-Card

To get an e-card, patrons must not have an account in our system and must provide their legal first name, last name, physical address, telephone number, and email address using the form below. Successful applicants will receive an email with an e-card barcode, and their PIN will be set to the last four digits of their phone number.

E-Card Form

You can access the E-Card Application Form by clicking here:

Converting an E-Card to a Physical Card

Patrons with an e-card may convert their card to a physical card. Depending on residency, a patron may be issued a physical Billerica or MVLC card.

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