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Adult Summer Reading Challenge – 2024

This summer, we invite you to join us on a self-care journey as we encourage you to read, relax, and reflect. Throughout the reading period, you will earn tickets for the time you read and programs attended, which can be used to claim our fabulous grand prize: a Kindle Scribe bundle.

To make things interesting, we challenge you to read at least 1,200 minutes during the summer (about 20 minutes per day) and track that time in Beanstack. Don’t forget to share your progress on social media using #billericalibrarysummerreading2024, and be sure to tag us!

Let’s rediscover our love of reading this summer and try to read 500,000 minutes as a community!

How the Challenge Works

Signing up is simple!

Beanstack Account

  1. Visit our Beanstack page. ( 
  2. Click the “register” button if you need to create an account, or click the “sign in” button to access your existing account.
    • Note: If you signed up for any past Reading Challenges you already have a Beanstack account. Please contact the Library if you need assistance logging into your account.
  3. Alternatively, use the Beanstack Tracker App (for iPhone or Android) on your phone or other mobile device to create, sign in, and manage your account.
  4. Within one account, you can set up and manage reader profiles for all of your family members!

Start Reading!

  • Borrow books, audiobooks, magazines or download or stream eBooks, etc.
  • Whether reading a graphic novel, listening to an audiobook, or reading an article, it counts!
    • NOTE: All reading must occur within program dates.

Logging Reading 

  1. Log into Beanstack.
  2. Click to log the minutes that you read.
  3. You will earn logging badges for every 60 minutes logged.
  4. The challenge is completed when you log 1,200 minutes!

Optional Book Review Badges

Take the opportunity to earn even more virtual tickets by completing a book review on a book you have read. These book reviews will be shared with other readers to highlight what books others enjoy this summer.

Optional Activity Badges

You can also complete activity badges, which you can earn for signing up to attend an adult program. For more information, go to and check out our event calendar. These badges give you more chances to earn virtual tickets.


Each participant who logs reading or earns an activity badge in Beanstack will receive virtual tickets for our fabulous grand prize: a Kindle Scribe bundle.

How Virtual Raffle Tickets Work

  1. Log into Beanstack.
  2. Log your reading or activity to earn a badge. You will see how many tickets you have earned.
  3. Click on the “Enter a Drawing” tab. This will take you to “Ticket Drawings.”
  4. Click on the prize. A pop-up window and a button with “Add/Remove Tickets” are displayed.
  5. Click on the “Add/Remove Tickets” button. You will be taken to a page with a “+” or “-.”
  6. Click on either sign to either add or subtract your tickets. You have now added or subtracted your tickets to the prize.

Technical Support

Learning a new program can be tricky, but we’re here for you! Please send us an email ( if you have questions. We can call you and walk you through the setup as well.

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