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Do taxpayer dollars cover all of the Library’s financial needs?
No, virtually all of the library budget from the town goes towards supporting salaries and basic operating costs. Areas such as collections, programs and technology enhancements require additional support from other sources such as charitable contributions.

Are the Billerica Public Library Foundation and the Family Friends of the Billerica Public Library the same organization?
The Foundation and Friends are separate, but complementary, organizations that are both committed to providing support to the library that is not covered by the Town’s operating budget. The Friends are involved in a broad range of activities, including advocacy, programs and sponsorships, and public relations. The Friends earn money and spend it as the need arises, whereas the Foundation is focused on expanding its financial assets to provide a long term, sustained source of supplemental funding for the Library.

Why is my charitable contribution important?
Your charitable contribution is critical to ensuring that shortfalls in funding to support important library needs, such as collections, programs and technology, are met. To maintain the state certification that entitles our community to the benefits of our library consortium, MVLC, and to be eligible for state aid, our Library must spend a certain percentage of its total budget buying books and materials. The Library depends on charitable contributions to meet these state requirements.

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