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2023 Teen Summer Volunteers

Teen Volunteer Meeting Dates

Are you in grades 6-12?  Looking to volunteer for the summer?  We have a limited number of volunteer opportunities below.  If you are interested in helping out and are available during those time slots, please email me at 

Volunteers will be SELECTED to do certain jobs.  Preference will be given to current volunteers.  If you are selected to do a job, you will get an email from me.  Volunteering is opened to grades 6-12. If you cannot make your assigned duties, please call Michelle, at 978 671-0949 ext. 129 or email me at

Finding Nemo Adventure Party

Meets Fridays July 7th, July 14th, July 21nd, July 28th, August 4th from 11:30-12:30ish with the program being run/held Monday, August 7th @ 11:00- 12:45.
I need some creative and friendly people to work with kids. We will be taking scenes from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo and designing a unique program around it with small science experiments, crafts, games, stories and whatever you can come up with! Come with ideas!  Try to watch the movie if you haven’t already seen it!

Wizard of Oz Bingo Helper

Meets Thursday, June 29th 2:30-4:15ish.
I need help breaking down the program and helping bingo players check the winning cards when they get a BINGO.


Design Challenge Bag Stuffers

Meets Wednesday night, July 5th  6:00pm

No brainer: I’ve got lots of junk to stuff in bags but it has to be done very precisely.


Tie Dye Day Helper

Meets Thursday July 20th, 1:00-6:00 pm   I need help with set up and break down, but also helping teens and their families with the tie dying method.  If you don’t know how to tie dye I can teach you but it would be amazing if you could learn a few ways to tie tee shirts to show to our participants.  I’ll need help with lifting buckets of water and changing the “dirty” water with clean fresh water.  You will be allowed to tie dye as well so please feel free to bring a couple of tee shirts.

DIY Scarecrow Building Helpers

Meets Friday, August 4th, 2:00-4:30    I need help with set up and break down, but also helping teens stuff, tie and create their scarecrow.

Storytime Craft Prep

I’m looking for a few people to help cut (really well) and prep story time crafts for the Librarian’s Fall Storytime.  Careful attention to detail is needed.

Email me if you are interested and we can set up a day for you to come in.  No more than one day a week 1-2 hours per week.  This volunteer op will last as long as there are materials to prep.

What are you looking for?