2018 Young Adult Summer Volunteers

Teen Volunteer Meeting Dates

Our Summer Reading Volunteer Meeting is being held on Monday, June 18th, 2018 at 3:30.  Volunteers will be SELECTED to do certain jobs.  If you are unable to make the meeting but would like to volunteer, please email me at [email protected]  Preference will be given to those who attended the June 18th meeting. If you are selected to do a job, your name will appear next to the job below.  Please check this area often, as I will not be making phone calls to inform you of my decision.  Volunteering is opened to grades 6-12. If you cannot make your assigned duties, please call Michelle, at 978 671-0949 ext. 5 or email me at [email protected]

The Science Behind Coco

Meets Thursday July 12, 19, and 26th from 11:00-12:00. Must commit to August 2,  10:30-12:30
I need some creative and friendly people to work with kids. We will be teaching them a few science experiments based off of the movie Coco. You will be designing this program.

Amanda K.    Rhianon L.   Jenna D.  Jessica D.   Sachi J.   Niyati S.   Neha J.    Kaleigh T.    Elena S.   Gabriella W.

Tie Dye Day

Meets Friday July 13, 10:30-1 OR 2-4:30 Tie Dye Night: Meets Wednesday July 18, 5:30-8:30 Please select one.
Teach people how to tie dye. No experience necessary. Wear old clothes, it gets messy.

July 13, 10:30 …  Elyse W.   Amanda K.   Rhianon L.   Jessica D.   Jenna D.   Sachi J.    Payal G.

July 13,  2:00…    Chloe P.   Aiden C.   Ethan C.   Deekshitha K.   Nazneen S.   Elena S.   Kaleigh T.   Emily L.  Maggie L.  Lily L.

July 18, 5:30…     Chloe P.   Aiden C.  Ethan C.   Sreyas Y.   Saish Y.   Sam G.   Lily L.   Maggie L.   Emily L.




Meets Friday, August 3rd, 2:00-4:00 No brainer : I need a couple of people to be scorekeepers for the game and also to help break down the event.

Deekshitha K.   Elyse W.   Grace K.    Roshi B


Meets Mondays, June 25th, July 2 and 16th from 10:00-11:30 and a must commit date of July 23rd  9:30-11:30.
I need some friendly people to work with kids. You will be creating a fantastic Mexican fiesta filled with music, games, crafts and more.  Come with ideas.

Deekshitha K.   Nazneen S.  Amanda K.   Rhianon L.   Jessica D.   Jenna D.   Payal G.   Neha J.   Niyati S.   Sachi J.   Elyse W.

Bueno Bingo Helper

Meets Monday, June 25th 2:30-4:30.
I need help breaking down the program and helping bingo players check the winning cards when they get a BINGO.

Grace K.   Megan M.   Sachi J.   Kaleigh T.   Elena S.   Neha J.   Jenna D.   Jessica D.   Niyati S.   Deekshitha K.

Face Painters

Meets Tuesday, June 19th  from 5:30-8:00
Yup! You’re face painting all night!  But hey, if you register for the teen program that night, you could win a $100- Amazon gift card.



Library After Dark Party Helper

Meets Friday, August 10th, 8:00-Midnight!   I’m looking for some responsible HIGH SCHOOL students to oversee a few of the activities going on that night.  Plus I’ll need help with break down of the program.  There will be snacks!

Alex M.   Aiden C.   Sreyas Y.   Elyse W.   Jessica D.   Sam G.   Sriram   Megan M.   Lily L.  Maggie L.   Molly L.   Emily L.

DIY Tortillas and Salsa

Meets Monday July 16th, 2-4 pm.    I need help running all of the different food tables like tomato slicing and onion dicing.  LOL for older teens.

Gabriella W.   Alex M.   Aiden C.   Ethan C.   Sreyas Y.   Saish Y.   Megan M.   Lily L.  Maggie L.   Emily L.

Candy Making Workshop

Meets Tuesday July 10th 9:30-11:30.

I need some friendly people to work as a buddy with kids in grades k-4.  You will be instructing them how to mix up a delicious goop of candy.  I’ll teach you.  You teach them.  It may get a little messy with the food dyes.  Wear old clothes.

Gabriella W.   Elena S.   Kaleigh T.   Niyati S.   Neha J.   Amanda K.   Rhianon L.   Jessica D.   Jenna D.   Chloe P.   Sachi J.

Summer Reading Desk Helpers

See me after the meeting to schedule times and days.

I need some friendly, talkative, confident, trustworthy HIGH SCHOOL students (whew) to be ME when I’m away or when I’m running a program.  You will be sitting at my desk and using my computer to register teens like yourself for the teen summer reading program.  You will also be promoting the program to teens who just happen to “wander into” the teen section.  You will be reviewing challenges and handing out tickets for the challenges among other things.  A GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF HOW MY PROGRAM RUNS REALLY, REALLY HELPS.  (In other words, if you’ve done my program before, you’d be a good candidate.)

Megan M.  Jessica D.   Aiden C.  Corrina J.


Design Challenge Bag Stuffers

Meets Friday, July 12th  2:00-

No brainer: I’ve got lots of junk to stuff in bags but it has to be done very precisely.

Gabriella W.   Payal G.   Sam G.   Chloe P.


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