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Interests & Activities

Points of Interest

by Nicholas Lazott, Eagle Scout Project, 2005

Historic Center Walking Tour

by Mary Kate McCarron, Girl Scout Silver Award Project, 2011

Historic Center Scavenger Hunt

by Mary Kate McCarron, Girl Scout Gold Project

North Billerica Historic Walking Tour

Created in conjunction with the Billerica Council on Aging

Mill Village Walking Tour

Created by Alec Ingraham

A Walking Tour of Billerica Center

By Charles E. Stearns for the Billerica Historical Commission, April 1989

While taking this fun and informational tour, keep in mind that it was created in 1989 and some changes have occurred in the last 30 years. For example the “Town Hall” is now the Billerica Public Library and the Billerica Public Library is now the Council on Aging.

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