Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

The library has two meeting rooms available for booking in advance and three study rooms that are available on a first come, first served basis.

Outside groups may book the Conference Room or Meeting Room by using our online booking system, calling the library’s reference desk (978-671-0948 x4), or visiting the library in-person.

Please Note: In February 2020, the Board of Library Trustees made clarifications to the Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy in an effort to improve access, safety, and awareness of these rooms and the various non-library meetings hosted in them.  Click here for more info.


**For the time being, use of the Meeting Room and Conference Room is prohibited to accommodate social distancing guidance.  During this time, reservations cannot be made.**

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Conference Room

The Conference Room holds a maximum of 12 people and is located on the second floor. It is equipped with a BrightLink 575Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector and uses Easy Interactive Tools Software which lets patrons use an interactive pen as a mouse to navigate, select, scroll, draw, save, and interact with projected content from their computer.

These two models are available:

  • Interactive mode displays the toolbar on the projected image and lets patrons use the pen as a mouse to open applications, access links, and operate scroll bars, for example. Patrons can also annotate whatever is displayed from their computer.
  • Whiteboard mode projects one of 3 solid colors or 6 background patterns, and uses the toolbar to write or draw on the background. Patrons can also import images from their computer or a document camera.

Software and instructions are available for download on the left side column. A laptop is available for use with the Easy Interactive Tools downloaded for patron convenience. Conference and Meeting Room Policy is available here.

BrightLink 575Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector made available through the generous funding of the Billerica Public Library Foundation.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room will hold a maximum of 125 people and can be separated into two smaller rooms which will hold roughly 50 people each. It is equipped with 50 inch LCD TV compatible with laptops and Apple devices. Wireless internet available. Conference and Meeting Room Policy is available here.


Study Rooms

The Study Rooms seat four people and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Rooms have access to wireless as well as networked internet. The library’s complete study room policy is available here.

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