Study Rooms Policy


The Study Rooms are available to small groups for non-profit, educational, civic and cultural purposes. The rooms are not available for partisan political meetings, operating a business, selling merchandise or services, soliciting for later sales, or for social events. For-profit use is permitted under limited circumstances consistent with the Library’s objective of providing a suitable learning environment for research, study and reading. One example of an approved for-profit use is a paid tutor. Although individuals may use the Study Rooms, when available, the rooms are intended for group work or study rather than individual office space. The rooms are not sound-proof and reasonable noise may be heard between rooms. No noticeable noise should be heard outside of the room while it is in use. The Library offers a number of quiet and secluded study carrels throughout the second floor for use by individuals.


All Study Rooms are monitored by electronic surveillance equipment. Staff will ask individuals to leave if they disturb others or engage in destructive behavior.

Registration and Rules

  1. The person responsible for the condition of the room must register and give their name and phone number to the staff person at the Reference Desk.
  2. The person responsible must leave either a picture ID, an MVLC library card, or car keys with the Reference Librarian.
  3. When more than one person will be using a Study Room, one person from the group must leave either a picture ID, library card, or keys and will be responsible for the Study Room’s condition during use.
  4. The limit is 4 people per study room.
  5. The Study Room will be unlocked by the Reference Librarian. The key will kept at the Reference Desk.
  6. Rooms shall remain unlocked during use.
  7. When the room is vacated, the responsible person must come to the Reference Desk to receive their ID or other identifying item back.
  8. The Study Rooms are not storage areas. Once a group or individual signs up for the room, it may remain unoccupied for no more than 20 minutes. The Library is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property. The Library reserves the right to remove items left unattended in the rooms for 20 minutes or more.
  9. Study Rooms are occupied on a first come, first served basis. Study Rooms may not be reserved in advance. The Library reserves the right to allocate a Study Room for a Library sponsored program or meeting.
  10. Study Rooms may be booked for four hours at a time. After that time, a person or group may continue for an additional one hour if no one is waiting for the room.
  11. Users may not move tables or chairs into or remove them from Study Rooms without permission.
  12. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or food may be used in the Study Rooms. Only covered drinks are allowed.
  13. Windows may not be opened in any Study Room.
  14. If an electric heater is used, it must be turned off and unplugged before leaving the Study Room.
  15. All Study Rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing.
  16. All Library policies apply to persons using the Study Rooms including but not limited to the Library Code of Conduct and the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Responsibility of Study Room Users

  1. The person who registers for the room with be held financially responsible for any damage done to the room and its furnishings by anyone during the time period registered.
  2. The responsible person will inspect the room prior to use and repost any damage or vandalism of the room to staff at the Reference Desk.
  3. The person who registers for the room will be held responsible for any unreported damage.
  4. The room will be left in clean condition. No eating or smoking is allowed in the Study Rooms.
  5. Failure to abide by any of the rules pertaining to the use of the Study Rooms will result in the suspension of further Study Room privileges.

Any individual subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to revocation or suspension of library privileges, may appeal the decision to the Library Trustees within 30 days of such decision. The Library Trustees require that all appeals be in writing.

Revised and adopted by vote of the Board of Library Trustees April 2016

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