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Fundraising at the Library Policy

Donation Boxes or Arrangements

In order to keep the library clean and organized for a pleasant patron experience, the library cannot accept any donation boxes for or make donation arrangements with outside groups to collect items, monetary donations, etc., with the exception of donation boxes allowed or arrangements made prior to May 2019 when this prohibition was first implemented.

Fundraising Activities

Only the Family Friends of the Billerica Public Library and the Billerica Public Library Foundation, two independent 501c3 organizations dedicated to raising funds to support the Billerica Public Library, may conduct fundraising activities on-site at the library. Additionally, the Library Board of Trustees grants the Billerica Holiday Festival, an independent 501c3 organization that raises funds to provide free holiday activities to the Billerica community, permission to conduct the annual Home for the Holidays Display and Raffle and the annual Holiday Reception fundraising events on-site at the library.

All fundraising activities by the permitted groups named above must comply with applicable library policies and must be planned and executed in consultation with the Library Director or designee.

Commercial Sales

Commercial sales are prohibited on-site at the library, except those provided as part of a library-sanctioned program, such as an author selling copies of their book following an author talk.

Adopted by a vote of the Library Board of Trustees December 5, 2022 to replace the Solicitation Policy, which was repealed by a vote of the Library Board of Trustees on December 5, 2022

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