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Library Program Policy

Library programs are provided by the Billerica Public Library as part of the library’s mission, which is that “The Billerica Public Library educates, entertains, and enriches the lives of the Billerica community by providing relevant collections, inviting spaces, engaging programs, and responsive services for all.”

The Library Director delegates responsibility for programming to designated staff, who are directly responsible for planning, developing, selecting, booking, and overseeing the execution of programs that take place at the library, virtually, over the phone, and off-site. On occasion, the library may participate in cooperative or joint programs with other agencies, organizations, institutions, or individuals.

Designated staff consider the following criteria when developing, selecting, and booking programs:

  • Community needs and interests
  • Budget and cost of the program
  • Available funding
  • Space required for the program and space availability
  • Local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws, including applicable library policies
  • Presenter background/qualifications in content area
  • Feedback from other libraries/organizations where the presenter has provided programming
  • Relevance/appropriateness of the program to the library’s vision, mission, and values
  • Existing program offerings for intended audience
  • Staff time required

Anyone interested in presenting a library program or partnering with the library to provide a program may submit a proposal in writing. The proposal will be reviewed in accordance with the above criteria. Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by participants or speakers.

The majority of library programs are funded using a combination of funds provided by the Family Friends of the Billerica Public Library, the Billerica Public Library Foundation, and individual grants. Some money from these funding sources may be limited to specific purposes by the funding/awarding organization.

Some library programs are planned and promoted for a specific age and interest level to ensure the enjoyment of all in attendance and to provide younger patrons with programming that aligns with their specific developmental needs. Because age limits are thoughtfully determined by the presenter or staff member during the planning of these programs, the library will defer to and adhere to the age limit set for each program for the convenience of all.

In keeping with the library’s stated values, the library does not charge for program participation or sponsor programs that are specifically focused on selling products or services. For the convenience of program participants, library sponsored programs may occasionally include the sale of books or similar items that are offered to enhance the program experience.

Some library programs may require registration, while other library programs will be offered as drop-in. For programs requiring registration, patrons may register to participate by using the library’s online registration system or by calling/visiting the library. Attendance or participation in a program may be limited due to a number of factors, including:

  • Occupancy limits for each floor and room at the library.
  • Limits requested by the presenter due to the content or nature of the program.

*Parts of this policy were adapted from similar policies at the Wilmington (MA) Memorial Library and Groton Public Library, as well as from guidance from the American Library Association.

Adopted by vote of the Library Board of Trustees February 2023

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